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Apr 18

What’s on your mind? Artificial Intelligence helps managers find out.

Artificial Intelligence tools give companies instant insights from employee surveys. This can help managers determine whether an employee feels optimistic, confused or angry and provide insights to help manage teams. It can also enable a faster response to a variety … more

Mar 18

Millennials: what do they really think?

There is a lot of fuss about Millennials in the news today. Some of it is true, some of it isn’t, but what we do know is that they’re a huge population flooding into the workforce and stimulating change. When … more

Jun 17

Communicating to the Executive Team: lessons learned the hard way

June 2017 When discussing options for communicating, to the Executive Team, a common theme arises. How do I get my message across before they all start talking at me? Now here’s some advice learned the hard way. • Stop presenting: … more

Feb 17

Work Smarter Not Harder

February 2017 Lessons from Lear Jet, increasing performance, working smarter and living life A program featuring the production of Lear Jets, in the USA got me thinking about the influence of the work environment on productivity and engagement. At Lear … more

Dec 16

May the workforce be with you… into 2017 and beyond!

This year brought home how far organisations have progressed with strategic workforce planning in Australia in recent years. Many of the participants in our programs are or have dedicated workforce planners who are working with the senior executives of their … more

Oct 16

Working in the Flow

We know when we feel it but it is not always with us. I felt it once in a netball grand final but what about at work? Working in the flow happens when we are working with our strengths. Do … more

Sep 16

Succession management has become an imperative

According the Bersin by Deloitte gaps in leadership are cited by 89% of executives as an urgent impediment to building a workforce to meet future business objectives. What is succession management? A strategic process designed to minimise leadership gaps for … more

Aug 16

Everyone wants the magic button

Strategic Workforce Planning It takes effort, there are no short cuts. Once you have identified your problem, gathered the evidence and analysed the data, it’s only then that you can set about telling the data story. The next step is … more

Jun 16

July 2016 Canberra – Workforce Planning Fundamentals

Use quantitative and qualitative data to inform workforce planning strategies that meet business objectives. With the constant pressure of efficiency on every organisation, effective workforce planning provides the link between strategic business planning and HR action. It enables an organisation … more

Jun 16

Let Your Light Shine Through

I was passing a coffee shop one day when I saw this: ‘Light does not compete with other sources of light. It just shines through’. It peaked my interest enough to stop and write it down, it also got me … more