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Apr 20

What should you expect from a coach?

We offer executive coaching, to help leaders navigate the many challenges faced daily, check their mindset, step into uncertainty, make speedy decisions and offer the best possible leadership to bring out the potential in their teams.

What should you look for in a coach? What should you expect?

A coaching contract exists between the coach and the coachee and entails mutual accountability, professional development, reflective practice and cultural inclusiveness. While the agenda, context and need are mostly set by the organisation with the coachee, the coach is a curious active listener, awareness meter, accountability partner and timekeeper using questions and other tools to facilitate the coachee growth. Because change happens gradually, a coaching contract is often delivered over 4-6 months and can involve relevant leadership development content.

A good coach is registered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which has core competencies to guide coaching practice. These have recently been refined and revised using simpler and more inclusive language.

The Core Competences are:
1. Demonstrates Ethical Practice
2. Embodies a Coaching Mindset
3. Establishes and Maintains Agreements
4. Cultivates Trust and Safety
5. Maintains Presence
6. Listens Actively
7. Evokes Awareness
8. Facilitates Client Growth

These competencies guide certified coaches to operate ethically and professionally and meet their coachees where they are at. This is what a recent client said:

‘Whilst I was resistant to coaching initially, my sessions with Jenny have been invaluable and have had a significant impact: my thinking about myself and my work, my interactions with colleagues and in my planning for building capacity and implementing change in my future work. I am very appreciative of Jenny’s insights and her wise guidance of the work through the modules.’

As executive coaching is taken up more and more by organisations, leaders are getting the opportunity to experiment with different styles of leadership to develop high performing teams. This approach to development can only result in greater benefits to themselves and their organisations.

Jenny Hoysted FAHRI ACC, Director of Workforce Planning Coaching, experienced in executive coaching, leadership development and workforce planning, works with clients to articulate their leadership and workforce challenges; identify the shift they need to make and sets them up for long term success.

Certifications: ICF ACC Associate Certified Coach; Leadership Performance Profile LPP360;
Bates Executive Presence Index ExPI™; Emotional Intelligence GENOS 360.

Executive coaching and workforce planning toolkits available at Workforce Planning Coaching.

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