Who are we?

Our experienced team help executive-level individuals and organisations reach their full potential through workforce planning and coaching.

Workforce Planning Coaching

Workforce Planning Coaching makes a long-term commitment to the success of your organisation, and you as an ambitious executive. Over 6-9-months, we take you on a journey that will see you identifying and conquering your greatest challenges, with the guidance and support of our experienced team.

Every individual, organisation and workforce is different, so we design our packages to meet your unique situation and set you up with the knowledge and confidence you need to thrive for years to come.

Our goal is simple – to see you succeed.

News and Events

May 20


Executive Presence changes everything, it can mean the difference between a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. It can mean the difference between landing that big client or losing them; having your idea heard or staying in the background; getting that promotion … more

Apr 20

What should you expect from a coach?

We offer executive coaching, to help leaders navigate the many challenges faced daily, check their mindset, step into uncertainty, make speedy decisions and offer the best possible leadership to bring out the potential in their teams. What should you look … more

Apr 20

Workforce Planning – a strategic activity

Workforce planning is a continual process seeking to align the capacity and capability of the workforce with the needs and priorities of an organisation to achieve strategic outcomes. Ann Cotton, Director Schaefer Center for Public Policy University of Baltimore said, … more


Jenny has a passion for working with people. She is a positive, dynamic and inspirational leader with the ability to engage diverse stakeholder groups.

Jenny is highly experienced, very strategic and has worked in senior HR roles in both public and private sectors for many years.