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May 20


Executive Presence changes everything, it can mean the difference between a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. It can mean the difference between landing that big client or losing them; having your idea heard or staying in the background; getting that promotion or feeling stuck where you are.

And it isn’t something you’ve either got or you haven’t – it’s something you can work on.

You might be drawn to this topic because you know it’s something you need.

You may have had feedback like:

• Leader needs to show up as more of a strategic partner and trusted advisor, whether to internal stakeholders or to external clients
• Leader needs to shepherd a team, function, or organisation through some sort of transformational change
• Leader must drive better business results—driving growth, reducing costs, or improving processes, products, services, or the customer experience

So, what do you do now?

Developing executive presence starts with knowing yourself in your work context and building an increasing awareness of how others see you. We use the Bates ExPI™ Executive Presence Index 360 to begin this process.

Helping leaders connect the dots between how people perceive them and how that’s helping and hindering them in wielding influence and driving results is a real differentiator. We work with you in a coaching capacity to understand your business context and explore the Bates three dimensions of executive presence – character, substance and style.

We also help you identify your strengths, needs and gaps based on Bates 15 facets. – authenticity, integrity, concern, restraint, humility, practical wisdom, confidence, composure, resonance, wisdom, appearance, intentionality, inclusiveness, interactivity, assertiveness.

It’s time to get clear, get coached and work on your authentic leadership qualities and your executive presence to consciously access aspects of yourself to influence and shape other’s response.

Jenny Hoysted is certified: ICF ACC Associate Certified Coach; LPP360 Leadership Performance Profile;
ExPI™ Bates Executive Presence Index; GENOS 360 Emotional Intelligence

Our goal is your success.
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