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Aug 16

Everyone wants the magic button

Strategic Workforce Planning
It takes effort, there are no short cuts. Once you have identified your problem, gathered the evidence and analysed the data, it’s only then that you can set about telling the data story. The next step is to identify the risks and consider strategies.

The Magic Button
People often ask, what technology can be used to undertake workforce planning. The simple answer is none. There are many fabulous tools out there to assist with workforce planning but at the end of the day it requires thought, consideration and effort. This is something we often don’t leave time for in our working day.

What to Do?
Getting help from a workforce planning coach can assist to help you focus and get another perspective. Start with these questions:
• What is the problem you are trying to solve?
• What is your goal for the future? Your strategy
• What are the needs of your business?
• What are the needs of your workforce?

Tracey Smith has published a list of 13 people analytics ideas to take you further.

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